The Community Bible Experience

Read and engage with Scripture in a whole new way!

Community Bible Experience


The Community Bible Experience is a simple but revolutionary idea. The Community Bible is a Bible without verse numbers, chapter numbers or any of the other things that interrupt the text. You can read a whole section of the Bible all the way through.

A new series of the Bible reading programme, taking place over Zoom, will start on Thursday 1 October at 4.00 pm when we will be discussing Jonah, Amos, Hosea and Micah. 

Books and reading plans are available and can be collected from the Manse vestibule. £5 towards the cost of these may be left in the envelope provided. Anyone interested please contact Alison for the link: Tel 851295

Discussions will be informal  — the idea is for the group to be more like a book club than a Bible study group, where people can get together and share their questions and encouragements. 

Through Community Bible Experience, you can go beyond reading the Bible in fragments and in isolation. You can experience the whole story and live a new story.