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Letter from Christine, student minister

Dear friends and colleagues of Barthol Chapel and Tarves,

I can hardly believe the time has come for my placement with you to end. I remember very fondly the first Sunday I officially started my third placement with you in September 2019. I would never have imagined then, that by this point, we would be dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and dealing with strict living restrictions. It has been lovely to see the efforts of the various communities supporting each other in these difficult times, especially for those who are vulnerable.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic I had planned a variety of pulpit supply throughout the rest of this year, which I will pick up when life returns to ‘normal’. I am saddened my placement comes to an end amid the current pandemic and restrictions, however the circumstances are unavoidable. It is my intention to return to both Barthol Chapel and Tarves in person when normal services resume to say a more personal thanks and farewell.

For now, I would like to express my deep thanks to you all for your warm welcome when I started my placement, your continued support, encouragement, for including me and for the constructive feedback throughout my placement. My specific thanks to Alison for being my supervisor and guiding me for the past six months and to Susanna for including me as far as possible in worship and other aspects of ministry. I hope you all stay safe and wish God’s blessing on you all.

Farewell for now, 


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