Nkhoma Knitting Update June 2019


10 well packed boxes of knitting and sewing have been gathered in Alford for onward delivery to the Malawi container at the Banana Box Trust in Dundee.  

All the little teddies, tiny baby hats, hat and scarf sets, hat and vet sets, crochet and knitted blankets and skirts have been created and donated with such kindness by locals in Tarves and Barthol Chapel area. We’ve also had contributions from a few relatives of knitters who are from well outside this part of the north-east. The community corner in Tarves Church is ready to gather more of the same donations for transporting later on this year. The present knitting co-ordinator from Gordon Presbytery can no longer help with transferring the boxes down to Dundee so Presbytery are hoping to attract another co-ordinator who can do similar.  

For those who don’t knit or sew, you can also make a welcome contribution by sponsoring each box on its route to Malawi.  It costs £15 each box for transportation of 12,750 kilometres: there is a donations bag on the community corner table, with a map of the journey showing the sea and land journeys out to Africa.

On behalf of Gordon Presbytery, thank you all so much for your consistent kindness to the young babies and children at Nkhoma Hospital.

Tarves Church