Youth Hall Redevelopment

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What’s the plan?

Almost everyone in Tarves and the wider community will have been in the Youth Hall at some time. Tarves Youth Hall is a great asset but it could be even better, so we are embarking on an ambitious redevelopment plan to make it fit for the future.

The hall was converted from steadings over sixty years ago to provide a space for young people and youth organisations to meet. The hall has been used continuously since then and although it has been well maintained, it is now showing its age.

Our community has grown over the past 30 and more years and we have many young families whose children are the principal users of the hall. It is used almost every day of the week by different organisations and age groups from the Toddlers group to FItness classes to Indoor Bowlers. We could attract more users if the hall and its facilities were improved.


10 years ago, we made a number of improvements to the hall including installing new windows and fitting a suspended ceiling. However, the hall is now at a stage where it needs serious attention — details below will give you an idea of the current problems.

The floor


If you have not been riding around on a trike recently, pirouetting in a dance class or doing circuits in a fitness class, you may not have noticed, but the floor of the hall is in very poor condition. Years of young people running about and having fun have taken their toll. Sanding and re-varnishing are no longer feasible so a replacement is essential.



The existing outdoor storage unit is well past its best and needs to be demolished and replaced. Inside storage is very limited and with so many users, there is just not enough space to store all their materials and equipment. Well planned storage would make a huge difference to the many groups who use the hall. 

Our vision

A new floor and new storage are essential. But why stop there? Why not have some vision and really improve things. If we can find the funding, we can turn Tarves Youth Hall into a great space suitable for the 21st century.


So what else would we like to do?

Storage — We plan to convert the present meeting room to a new cloakroom with fitted storage space and an area for baby buggies/wheelchairs. We also plan to build new storage within the main hall. A new external storage facility is planned for a further phase of development. 




Kitchen — There is far more use of the kitchen now than ever before. It is just about functional for teas and coffees, although even then not ideal, but when it comes to the big breakfast or Messy Church lunch, Harvest suppers or children’s parties, it really is not adequate.

If you have had to carry kettles or trays of hot food along the passage through to the hall you will know that is not the wisest thing. 



A bigger and better kitchen with better facilities, re-located next to the hall, would be a huge improvement. 

The plan is to move the kitchen to what is presently the cloakroom. It will offer more space than the current kitchen and will be fully equipped to a high standard. There will be a serving hatch directly into the Hall. And there will be a single lockable door so children cannot run in and out. 



Toilets — The current toilets are functional but they are inadequate for the size of the hall. We will use the previous kitchen space for new toilets. We plan to improve the disabled access toilet and introduce baby changing facilities. 

Heating and insulation — Heating any large space is difficult. We intend to fit underfloor insulation and instal air source heating. Investment here will lead to cost savings in the end and a more comfortable space, particularly in the winter months.

Entrance porch — The current entrance is something of a bottleneck at present. We plan a new and improved entrance area.

Car park — Repairs will be necessary to deal with surface damage to the existing car park. With sufficient funds, in a later phase, we could also extend and improve parking space.

Costs and fundraising

This is a major project which will require major funds.

We are researching various bodies and charitable organisations willing to give funds for projects such as ours so that communities are strengthened, facilities are available for all ages, and additional users are attracted with the first-class accommodation that we will eventually offer.

How can you help?

However much we succeed in raising, we will also have to fundraise ourselves. This is where we need your help to spread the word, to come up with ideas for raising funds or to give your time or expertise. Every donation of time, talent or finance is welcome.

Do any of you have access to funds or fundraising experience? Perhaps the company you or your partner works for, or your neighbour or your son or daughter, has a community fund which awards grants. Perhaps you know of someone who might sponsor part of the project. Perhaps you would like to make a donation.

The future

The village and the community are continuing to grow and to thrive. Many people have happy memories of events in the Youth Hall and we want to be able to create many more happy memories in future, offering a safe and welcoming space to everyone who comes through the Youth Hall door. 



The playgroup and toddlers will continue to brighten the walls, breakfast will continue to be served, Messy Church will still get messy, all in a building which has been with us for more than 60 years and will continue to be at the heart of the Tarves community.

Contact Us

If you would like to get involved, or make a donation, or if you have any views or suggestions, please email us:

Thank you.