Welcome to Tarves Parish Church

    We are an inclusive Christian congregation with a history dating back many hundreds of years. We are at the core of the community of Tarves and we give a warm welcome to local people, new arrivals and existing church members. 

    Are you new to the area and looking for a place of worship? Do you want to explore the Christian faith? Are you just curious?

    Come and enjoy Christian fellowship with friends and neighbours at Tarves Church. Come along to a service, to Messy Church, to Tuesday coffee morning or one of our Big Breakfasts…you will find details on the website and on our Facebook page. You don't need to be a church member to join in our services or activities.

    ALL are welcome!


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  • Christmas Services

    Join us as we celebrate this Christmas

    Thursday 19th December 

    Haddo Choral Christmas Carols    7.30 pm Tarves Church

    Sunday 22nd December

    Morning Worship                            11.15 am Tarves Church

    Lessons and Carols Service     7.00 pm Barthol Chapel Church

    Tuesday 24th December 

    Christmas Eve Carol Service     7.00 pm Tarves Church

    Wednesday 25th December 

    United Christmas Day Service       10.30 am Haddo House Chapel

    All are welcome


    Youth Hall Redevelopment

    The Silent Auction raised a magnificient total of £1400. Thanks are due to all those who generously donated their time and talents and to those who made successful bids. 

    Fundraising continues, large and small.

    Do you like Smarties?

    Pick up a tube of Smarties from the church, enjoy the Smarties then just go ahead and fill up your tube with coins.

    Fill your tube with £1 coins and you will collect £28. Fill it with 20p coins and you will collect £12. Or any combination is fine. Adults — if you are a taxpayer, we can claim Gift Aid, so please attach your name and address to your filled Smartie tube. Gift Aid increases the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you.

    More Smarties anyone? If you have already managed to fill your Smarties tube with coins, please return it and, if you wish, take another tube full of smarties. New coin collectors welcome – we have plenty of smarties!  

    Mony a mickle maks a muckle. All proceeds to the Youth Hall Redevelopment



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